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Shoemaker chair, dansk design, produceret siden 1937
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Lars Werner, owner werner, shoemaker chair, werner denmark

The Shoemaker Chair was first produced in Odense, Denmark in 1936. In the 70´ties, the design was acquired by the young cabinetmaker Steen Werner and in collaboration with HB Trædrejei, they continued to make the chair to the same high level of craftmanship as when it was first introduced.

In 1999, Steen Werner’s son Lars took over HB Trædrejeri. Lars Werner and his wife Jette now own the Werner brand and the affiliate company Gislev Drejerforretning which is an important supplier of wood components for some of leading Danish furniture brands.

Today, The Shoemaker Chair is exported worldwide and 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of its introduction to the Japanese market.

The shoemaker chair
Since 1936
shoemaker chair, werner denmark